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Fall 2017 Music Appreciation Materials

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Test 4 - Final Exam Tuesday 1:00 pm

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Test 3 20th Century Music and Jazz Test is Tuesday, December 5
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 Roger Kamien - Music Appreciation - Power Point Presentations

  I. Elements of Music

 II. Middle Ages

 III. The Renaissance

 IV. The Baroque Period

 IVa. The Baroque Period - Eisel (New)

 V. Classical Period

 VI. Romantic Movement

 VII. The 20th Century and Beyond

 VII. Jazz

 IX. Music for Stage and Screen

 X. Rock
 XI . Non-Western Music
 Supplimental Reading

 Chapter 1: Antiquity to the early Middle Ages

 Chapter 2: Late Middle Ages to Renaissance

 Chapter 3: The Early and Middle Baroque Period

 Chapter 4: The Late Baroque Period

 Chapter 5: Sonata, Symphony, and Opera In The Early Classic Period

 Chapter 6: The 19th Century Romantic Movement

 Chapter 7: The Beginnings Of The 20th Century

 Chapter 8: The 20th Century

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