Final (50 points)
Bring a 882 Scantron and a number 2 pencil

Sample True and False Questions:

1.      White Pop music in late 1940's reflected the tastes of the growing teenager population.
2.      Because of its romantic and sweet vocals, doo-wop was one of the first black popular styles to effectively
         penetrate the white pop market.
3.      Slap bass and twanging guitars are Chicago blues trademarks.
4.      The effects of the payola hearings led to a rise in the Top-40 format.
5.      Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash.

Sample Multiple Choice Questions:

1.      In 1949 the recording industry term "race records" was replaced by A) Urban Blues B) Country Blues
         C) Rhythm and Blues D) Gospel Soul.
2.     Who was one of the first country and western performers to cross over to Rock and Roll? A: Howlin’ Wolf
        B) Louis Jordan  C) Bill Haley D) Arthur “ Big Boy Crudup
3.      Which performer was the first to use a "solid-body" electric guitar?  A)  Elvis Presley B) Buddy Holly
         C) Eddie Cochran D)  Chuck Berry

How were these performers significant in the rise of rock and roll?

Robert Johnson (embodied the attitude of the rock an roll)

Hank Williams, Sr (one of the first performers to blend the blues with country and western. He anticipated rockabilly.)

Louis Jordan: (brought danceable, upbeat blues boogie to mainstream audiences. He anticipated R&B

Muddy Waters:  (gave birth to electric blues and sparked a blues movement in England)

Pat Boone:   (brought a "cleaned-up" white version of rock to for mainstream audiences not quite yet ready fo the real thing)

Elvis Presley: Became THE icon of rock and roll and penetrated ALL aspects of pop music including Country,
Blues and Pop.

With which style of music are the following performers associated?

Robert Johnson (Delta Blues)
Howlin' Wolf (Chicago Blues)
Louis Jordan (Jump Band)
Big Joe Turner (rhythm and blues)
Little Richard (gospel shout)
Elvis Presley (rockabilly)
The Moonglows (doo-wop)
Fabian (teen idol)

Where are the following  located?
Sun Records, (Memphis)
Atlantic Records (New York)
J&M (New Orleans)
Stax (Memphis)
Specialty (Los Angeles)

Sample True and False Questions:

  1. Motown was able to produce music so quickly because the musicians played by ear rather than having to read music.
  2. Fame Studios (Muscle Shoals) most famous artist was Aretha Franklin.
  3. Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys set the stage for album oriented rock of the late 1960's.

Identify the location of the following studios: (Chapter reading and lectures)

  1. Stax                                         
  2. Hitsville USA                      
  3. Muscle Shoals/FAME                 
  4. Brill Building / Atlantic                                      
  5. Phil Spector/Goldstar 

 What effect did the Baby Boom generation have on EARLY 1960's rock? (from lectures)

  1. The music becomes less danceable
  2. The music becomes darker and more somber
  3. Rock became a bit watered down and mainstream
  4. All of the above

What are the house bands for the following studios?
     Stax (Booker T and the MGs)
     Motown/Hitsville (The Funk Brothers)
     Goldstar (The Wrecking Crew)

Aretha Franklin was known as? (Chapter reading)

  • The Queen of Motown
  • The Duchess of Earl
  • The Empress of Rock
  • The Queen of Soul