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Spring 2018 Music History Materials

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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MUSE 111 - Music History - 3 units (Transfers to CSU, UC)
Spring  2018
Gunnar Eisel

Text: None, online reading materials

Course Description:
This is an in-depth course examining the history of music as well as the lives and contributions of major composers from the late Baroque period to the 20th Century, for music majors. Music majors must take either MUSE 110 or MUSE 111.

General Course Objectives: As a result of this course the student will:
1. Successfully identify music from the various historical eras through listening to and reading about it.
2. Recognize the contributions of specific individuals in the musical heritage of Western Art Music.
3. Learn to compare and contrast the various types and styles of Western Art Music.
4. Experience a variety of musical styles from other cultures.

1. Quizzes based on lecture materials and unit readings.
2. Listening quizzes identifying music and styles from a selected list.
3. Class discussion and participation.
4. Other considerations: Students will work to develop their knowledge, understanding, and skills with the following:
1. Knowledge and Understanding
2. Form in Music.
3. Materials of Music.
4. Musical Types and Styles.
5. Major Composers.
6. Musical Instruments, the singing voice, and the conductor.
7. The cultural, political conditions that influenced the evolution of Western Art Music.

Skills Developed:

1. Ability to identify the various instruments of an orchestra by sight and sound.
2. Ability to identify by sound the various forms employed by composers.
3. Ability to discuss a musical composition in an intelligent manner.

Grading Policy: A student’s final grade will be determined as a result a unit tests.

Course Content

  1. General introduction and survey of music prior to 1750
  2. The Rococo style  (1725 to 1775) and the Classical Period 1725-1800
  3. The Sonata-Allegro principle and the development of the symphony
  4. The sons of J.S. Bach, J. Stamitz, and Franz Joseph Haydn

Test 1 (50 question scantron test)

  1. W.A. Mozart
  2. W.A. Mozart, cont.
  3. Early Ludwig van Beethoven

Test 2 (50 question scantron test)

  1. The Romantic Movement (1800-1910)
  2. Ludwig van Beethoven
  3. Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelsohn, Frederic Chopin
  4. Giuseppi Verdi, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms

Test 3 (50 question scantron test)

  1. Impressionism
  2. Introduction to the 20th century
  3. 20th Century Music to 1945
  4. Classical Music since 1945
  5. Jazz and Popular Music in the 20th century

Test 4 (50 question scantron test)

Term Paper (50 points)

Scantron Tests are on 882 Scantrons

90-100 %= A
80-89 % = B
70-79 % = C
60-69% = D
0-59% = F

Attendance is taken by sign-in sheet
10 Points are deducted for more than 3 absences.

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